What colour are the circles? Mind-boggling optical illusion leaves people baffled

28 February 2022, 14:59 | Updated: 28 February 2022, 15:01

What colours do you see?
What colours do you see? Picture: David Novick
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

An incredible optical illusion with supposedly different-coloured circles is blowing people's minds.

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A mind-boggling optical illusion that appears to show different coloured balls is dividing opinion.

The puzzle was created by a professor from the University of Texas named David Novick, who manages his own colour illusion website.

As reported by The Sun, the picture is titled Vivid Spheres 9, and it featured eight dots with lines through them that appear to be different coloured circles.

Shockingly, though, the professor has explained that the circles are actually all the same colour.

He said: "The spheres appear to be orange and blue but are actually identical, with base colour RGB 220, 255, 187.

The optical circles are apparently the same colour
The optical circles are apparently the same colour. Picture: David Novick

"Zooming out increases the effect," he added.

Novick previously explained that "Munker" illusions happen when horizontal stripes have different colours and cross the circles, which is known as Munker-White’s illusion.

"The Munker illusion appears to be a function of the framing colors, which tend to tint the central [shape]," he said.

"The apparent color of the central circle is a mix of the foreground framing color and the circle's color."