What Men Really Think! Husbands And Boyfriends Reveal Their Relationship Pet Peeves

What Men Really Think

Ever wanted to know how your man really feels about your relationship? From pet hates to favourite traits, we asked a group of attached guys to lift the lid on what they honestly think about their loved ones.

Here are the sacred rules we should live by, according to our survey of men...

Rule #1: Shop for ourselves
"My wife has bought all her xmas presents from me to her and wrapped them! I love that! No chance of getting that wrong :-)"

Rule #2: Don't steal their food
"The first date with my future wife almost turned into a disaster – who knew that sharing one's food was even a thing?"

Rule #3: Lay off Hugh Grant
"Why does being in a relationship with a girl mean watching more rom-coms than ever before? What's wrong with sci-fi horror flicks?

Rule #4: Be reasonable
"How comes you can have friends who are boys, but if I have girls who are friends they're evil and I clearly fancy them!"

Rule #5: Respect the car
"My car is like my child, its not just '4 wheels that get you from A to B', please treat it with the respect it deserves."

Rule #6: Don't 'Daddy' them
"The dog is not 'our child', it's a dog. I must never be referred to as 'daddy/dad' when it comes to the dog."

Rule #7: Be tolerant with TV
"I will sit with you, and even cuddle you, whilst you watch Geordie Shore/X-Factor/insert rubbish girl show, but don't expect me to stay awake or get angry if I drift off. Also South Park, American Dad and Family Guy are not stupid cartoons."

Rule #8: Stop pretending we're Sleeping Beauties
"YOU SNORE - deal with it!"

Rule #9: Stealing clothes isn't cool, apparently
"My girlfriend a two wardrobes full of clothes, I have about three outfits I rotate. Why does she need to wear ALL of MY jumpers?"

Rule #10: If you're running late, just tell him
"When she says "I'll be ready in 5 minutes" I do a little air punch as I know I've got enough time for another beer and program on Netflix!"

Rule #11: Don't expect him to write cards
"We have, well I say we… My wife has written all the cards and left me a space to sign. I love my wife, she know me so well."

Rule #12: Remember they're thankful
"She does drink too much wine (lady petrol) but I’ve never seen anyone juggle as much as she does, work, home, kids, commuting, nursery pick up and me… she works miracles."

Rule #13: Be happy!
"I live by a very simple mantra… Happy wife, happy life."