What your mouth says about you!

While it’s no surprise we make judgments based on initial impressions, it’s a person’s smile and teeth which can prompt astounding intuitive views about their lifestyle.

The Oral-B Smile Report* reveals that:

  • Bad teeth can age you by 13 years
  • 68% believe good teeth indicate a university education
  • 70% believe those with stained, unhealthy looking teeth must have gone to a state school
  • 82% think you earn more if you have healthy looking teeth
  • Men rank a ‘gorgeous smile’ higher than a ‘great figure’
  • 40% of men think women with unhealthy teeth must be single

The Oral-B Smile Report, a major study demonstrating the eye-opening assumptions based on a person’s smile and the health of their teeth, took a group of a thousand men and women and showed them an image of a woman with healthy, clean looking teeth. A different group of a thousand men and women were shown an image of the same woman, but in this picture, she had unhealthy, stained looking teeth.

Both groups were asked the same questions based on the photograph they had seen – with shocking results.

The study proved that we make certain snap judgments based on a person’s smile such as:

  • Whether they are kind or selfish
  • What type of education they have had
  • Whether they are single or in a relationship – and how active their sex life is
  • How much they earn for a living, whether or not they are successful – and how wealthy they are
  • How often they go to the gym – and whether or not they smoke or drink
  • How old they are
  • How attractive they are

Revealing the impact a smile has on everyday life – from the work-place to the bedroom – the Oral-B Smile report shows that brushing up on oral care can make a huge difference for that crucial first impression, as well as to the health of your teeth and gums.

We all know we have just one set of teeth to last our adult life.  Yet how many of us cut corners when it comes to our oral care, even unwittingly? If you’d like to brush up on your technique, then check out all the new dental care gadgets which have been designed to help you to get a gorgeous celebrity smiles, including Oral-B® Triumph™ PC 5000™, the top of the range rechargeable toothbrush with a wireless interactive display that delivers instant while-you-brush feedback - Check it out here!

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