Can YOU Work Out What's Odd About This Music Festival Picture?

10 November 2017, 16:48 | Updated: 10 November 2017, 16:49

Optical Illusion Cotton Field

Take a good look!

Everyone loves an optical illusion that results in heated discussion or a lengthy debate.

"NO - the dress is white and gold OBVIOUSLY!"

"Sorry, but those trainers are definitely teal and grey!"

These familiar sounding phrases have populated many a conversation as we can't actually fathom how others can see an image so differently to ourselves.

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Now there's another image doing the rounds, but this one is not clothes-based.

The latest picture to cause confusion is what appears to be a heavily populated field of concert-goers, watching a giant stage.

Simple, right?


Texan photographer Micha Horn posted this image to his social media page, but on closer inspection you can see that those aren't the back of people's heads - they're cotton plants, and that stage? It's actually a John Deere cotton picking machine.

People took to social media in a haze of confusion as they suddenly realised what it was:

Who knew that farming at night could look so spectacular, and more to the point - why do our eyes seem to lie to us all the time now?! 

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