Meet the big-hearted couple making wheelchairs for disabled pets

24 July 2018, 14:46 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 14:57

Cassie and Tim Carney were inspired to make small pet-size wheelchairs after adopting a disabled dog from Romania.

A caring couple who are proud parents to a collection of rescued disabled pets have built special wheelchairs for their animals, drastically improving their quality of life. 

Cassie Carney and her husband Tim work as a graphic designer and marketing executive by day but in their spare time they are committed pet owners who have built special wheelchairs for their pets. 

It all started when the couple adopted a mixed breed triple amputee called Otto who was hit by a car in Romania and subsequently seriously injured. 

Otto’s original owners unfortunately didn’t want to look after him and after an accident Otto had to have his two back legs and tail amputated.

Cassie and Tim adopted the gorgeous pooch and got him back on the move with his very own wheelchair to help him get about. 

The selfless couple didn’t stop there and they also started building wheelchairs and prosthetics for other animals. 

The pair researched where they could buy parts and then fundraised to pay for them, also establishing the charity Broken Biscuits which they run in their spare time. 

Cassie and Tim have now ended up with a collection of disabled pets which include a three-legged cat, a deaf Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and of course Otto the little trooper that started it all.