Who has the X-Factor?

One Direction and Matt Cardle are both releasing new singles, but which one is more romantic?

The new series of the X-Factor has just begun, offering a new batch of hopefuls the opportunity to become stars. Last year’s winner Matt Cardle and perky runner’s up One Direction are both about to release much-anticipated singles and both are love songs. The question is which track tops the romance chart?

Matt’s single Run For Your Life is an intense, emotional ballad in the style we’re used to from his X-Factor performances. Written by Gary Barlow, the track has a hint of the recent Take That singles about it and is certainly a bit of a weeper. The lyrics are something of a downer though, as Matt rather self-pityingly tells his girl to ditch him for someone better.

One Direction’s single What Makes You Beautiful is a slice of upbeat pop and a welcome last gasp of summer before winter sets in. It’s superbly catchy and will win a lot of hearts with its perky celebration of natural beauty.

And the winner? Whilst the style of Run For Your Life drips with romance, the lyrics let it down, so we declare One Direction’s sunny single the most romantic.

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