Who Should Pick Up The Bill On A First Date?

First Dates splitting the bill canvas

Should you stick with tradition or split the bill? YOU decide.

Is there anything more flattering yet stressful than being asked out on a first date? There are so many decisions to make! What do you wear? Where do you go? What do you do?

If you've decided to splash out on a slap up meal, how do you decide who picks up the bill? Should you stick with tradition where the gentleman is expected to pay, or should we get with the times and split the bill?

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It was Monday's episode of First Dates that has sparked off the debate that sent Twitter into a meltdown. 

Mary and Brian had been set up together on the Channel 4 reality TV show that claims to match people based on their likes and dislikes - the couples have never met before.  

When the time came to pay for the £70.37 bill, the waitress asked: "Are you just doing half and half?" And without hesitating, Brian replied "yep", much to Mary's disgust. 

In the on-screen interview after the date, Mary said: "Well, I thought Brian was very nice but, umm, I think you should have offered to pay the bill." 

To which Brian replied: "I think when you first meet somebody you should always go halves, but that's just my opinion." 

The modern move by Brian kicked up a storm on twitter, with viewers siding with Brian or Mary. 

Some people complained that because Mary ate half of the meal, she should cough up half of the bill, whilst others sided with Mary and agreed that the man - in this case Brian - should always pay for dinner. 

What do you think?