Will Your Relationship Go The Distance? Only Science Will Tell...

Ross and Rachael 'Friends'

His and her bath towels, batting for the same team when it comes to Marmite and trusting each other unconditionally to make the right choice when it comes between Match of the Day and Poldark. That's the recipe for a strong relationship right?

Well, not according to science. A study published in Journal of Family and Marriage has identified four types of relationship and commitment styles - revealing which types of partnerships are likely to tie-the-knot. 

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The 'Dramatic' Relationship

In the words of Katy Perry, are you and your partner Hot N Cold? Are you in a rollercoaster relationship where you both flit between being madly in love with each other to wanting to pull each other's hair out? Then you fit in to this category. 

Verdict: Unfortunately for you, according to the study, these relationships aren't likely to stay together....


The 'Conflict-Ridden' Couples

Do you argue a lot? Even if it's over the petty things like leaving the toilet seat up, then this is probably you and your partner. 

Verdict: You stand a better chance of sticking together than the dramatic couples, but you're not totally fail-proof.

The 'Socially-Involved' Relationships

Is it important to you that your family and friends like your partner? And if you describe them as your best friend then you definitely fall in to this category...

Verdict: Your relationship has a bright future. This is because you value harmony in your social circle and this provides a solid foundation for friendship and in a lover.


The 'Partner-Focussed' Couples

If this is you then you and your partner tend to have many positive turning points in your relationship and you have loads in common! You tend to spend a lot of time together and you put each other first in most of your decisions. You tend to make relationship goals and see them through!

Verdict: Congratulations! You are most likely to be in it for the long-haul...

Do you think science knows the truth? Or is it a load of rubbish? Let us know what you think!