This "Experts" Ridiculous Reasonings For Bad Office Etiquette Are Simply Laughable

pointing the finger work ettiquette

King all of all things posh, William Hanson, has given his verdict on the do's and don'ts of office life. So how posh are YOU?

A society expert is likely to cause outrage with his out of touch list of office faux pas, that supposedly determine whether or not the people in the office are "common".

So-called "etiquette expert" William Hanson, who starred in Australia's 'Ladettes to Lady' and has been labelled by Sky News as the 'the UK's leading consultant in etiquette & protocol', claims to have devised a 12-step checklist to determine which if your colleagues are posh or not. 

While we might all agree that drinking on the job might not go down well with your boss, we couldn't help but notice a few things on the list that are completely unavoidable. 

According to Hanson, eating at your desk is "never acceptable" no matter how over worked you are while "dress down fridays" is a punishable offence that should see you "sacked on the spot".

It seems as though no aspect of working life went unscathed by the author, who wrote the article for MailOnline, with the laughable commentary also taking aim at working mothers and women who wear "too much scent".

We've rounded up just some of the ridiculous things that supposedly make us all as common as muck.

"Your desk is not Pret a Manger"

According to Hanson you should never eat food at your desk under any circumstances, and describes the act as of eating over a keyboard as "not only bad for digestion but the height of office vulgarity."

Well Mr Hanson, not all of us have the pleasure of getting an hour for lunch and have to try and find time to replenish whenever and wherever is possible!


 "Dress down? You should be sacked on the spot"

For those who spend most of the working week in an uncomfortable suit and tie, or painfully corporate dress, casual Friday's can be a god send!

Hanson disagrees claiming that "men and women of a higher class will rise above this and forget it even exists". We think he needs to lighten up!

"Kiddicare is irritating" 

Apparently, leaving work early pick the kids up school is one of the traits most likely to "irritate" your colleagues, and Hanson advises that if your childcare commitments are conflicting with your work schedule then "perhaps it's time to find a new job."  

Does this guy have kids? Because any working parent knows how expensive childcare and after school clubs can be! If not being able to afford an au-pair makes us "common" then so be it.


"Too Much a no no"

According to the list, wearing too much perfume is a HUGE faux pas because "If you smell like the Harrod’s perfumery then you’re applying too much scent."We guess the best scent is NO scent then?

If this crazy checklist is good for anything, it certainly gave us a giggle that's for sure.