This £12 'wind-proof' umbrella is a winter must-have - and it's an Amazon best-seller

6 September 2019, 14:30 | Updated: 6 September 2019, 16:08

The popular umbrella was designed to withstand extreme weather
The popular umbrella was designed to withstand extreme weather. Picture: Getty/Amazon

An umbrella that won't bend in the wind is on sale on Amazon - and shoppers are in an absolute frenzy

An affordable 'wind-proof' umbrella is selling out - and it's just perfect for the looming cold months.

It may only be September, but winter is just around the corner - and the country is about to be hit by a frosty chill as cold temperatures settle in around the UK.

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And there's truly nothing worse than stepping out in bad weather only to find your umbrella turns inside out at the first hit of wind - so it's no wonder this umbrella from Newdora is proving such a hit with shoppers.

The umbrella is being sold on Amazon
The umbrella is being sold on Amazon. Picture: Amazon

It says that it's made of "high quality stainless steel" that won't "break under the effect of strong winds".

They add that this is in contrast to normal umbrellas, that "break easily under wind pressure due to their structure and rigid bundles".

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The umbrellas are made from polyester taffeta, which the makers claim is "stronger and more wear-resistant" than other fabrics.

Wave goodbye to temperamental umbrellas... (stock image)
Wave goodbye to temperamental umbrellas... (stock image). Picture: Getty

They add that the product is "certified for 10,000 deployments" and is "portable and lightweight". It's large diameter will also protect you from rain.

Shoppers have raved about the umbrella on Amazon, with one writing: "This is a really heavy duty umbrella.

"It didn't blow backwards in strong winds and because of the case it comes in you can put it in your handbag without it getting wet.

The umbrella can withstand strong winds better than its counterparts
The umbrella can withstand strong winds better than its counterparts. Picture: Amazon

"Probably the most I've spent on an umbrella but the quality is worth it."

Another added: "This is really well priced for what it is. I always seem to have my hands full while out with the kids, the automatic open/shut function makes it less of a hassle.

"I have had a few standard umbrellas that have caught my skin while shutting it, this eliminates that possibility!

"I love that it has a carry bag that soaks up the water and prevents my handbag from getting wet! Really great item!"

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