These Spouses OUTRAGEOUS Demands Will Amaze And Astound You!

Spouses worst marriage offences

Prepare to hear requests that are so ridiculous... you'll question whether they can even be real.

Wives and hubbies who demand the Earth of their partner aren't a new phenomenon, but with Social Media playing an ever increasing role in all our lives, people are going public with their frustrations...and some of their bugbears are HILARIOUS! 

With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit more popular then ever before, there are now greater opportunities for unhappy spouses to air their views than ever before...and the results are shocking!

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Tired husbands have been taking to Twitter to unload their life stresses and we've got some of the funniest ones! 

From putting the milk back in the fridge the wrong way, to when and where you're allowed to fall asleep - some of these might make you think twice!

Disclaimer: These absurd requests will leave you shocked to your core!