Woman 'realised boyfriend was cheating' after spotting reflection in his sunglasses

4 November 2020, 11:25 | Updated: 4 November 2020, 11:29

A woman found out her boyfriend was allegedly cheating in a selfie
A woman found out her boyfriend was allegedly cheating in a selfie. Picture: TikTok

Sydney Kinsch shared a video on TikTok which shows her ex boyfriend with another woman.

A woman has gone viral after she claims to have caught her boyfriend cheating on her in a selfie he sent.

Sydney Kinsch had been with her partner for four years, but discovered he had been unfaithful after spotting a reflection of another woman in the photo.

Uploading a video to TikTok, Sydney can be seen in front of a photo of a man wearing sunglasses.

As the video moves, she then points to the reflection in his sunglasses, which shows a woman's legs on the passenger's side.

In the comments of the video, Sydney went on to claim that her ex had been cheating for a whole month before she found out.

She captioned the video: "Check the reflection in your boyfriend's sunnies ladies."

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The video has been liked more than 170k times since it was uploaded two days ago, with hundreds of people praising her detective skills.

“Love it when this happens,” someone said, while another wrote: “OMG wow!”

When one woman asked: "Ok but what did you respond I need to know."

Sydney replied: "I called him and asked if he realised he sent me the Snapchat and he had no idea.

"So I sent it to him and he called me crazy and that it was our friends girlfriends and that's he's allowed to have friends.

"He was with 'like 5 people'....I found out a week later ALL the details."

Unfortunately, lots of Sydney’s followers claim to have found out their partners were cheating on them too.

"How I caught my ex too. Reflection in a window,” said one, while another added: “I caught mine like that too, her purse was on the seat next to him.”

A third commented: "This legit happened to me!!! My ex took a selfie to send me and I saw the chic in his glasses reflection lol.

"He was at a restaurant lol."

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