Woman shares 'invoice' Christmas card from mother-in-law listing everything she bought for them this year

31 December 2020, 13:18 | Updated: 31 December 2020, 15:29

The card was shared to TikTok
The card was shared to TikTok. Picture: TikTok

The Christmas card listed all the ways she had financially supported the couple after they lost their jobs.

A woman has shared a Christmas card she received from her mother-in-law, complete with a less-than-traditional festive greeting...

While the front of the card featured drawings of holly and robins, the message inside detailed all the ways the mother-in-law had financially supported the woman and her husband throughout the year.

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Taking to TikTok, the woman - posting under the name @sageandwine - revealed that her mother-in-law had listed the things she bought them after they lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The woman has branded her mother-in-law 'toxic' for sending the card
The woman has branded her mother-in-law 'toxic' for sending the card. Picture: TikTok

She captioned the video: “Toxic mother in law. Not the first time she’s done this.”

The woman said: “So this is our toxic mother-in-law. So I just want to preface this video by saying that there is no way you absolutely need to get a Christmas gift or give a Christmas gift.

“But my mother-in-law, she chooses just to repetitively do this type of behaviour to my husband. 

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The Christmas card listed all the things she had bought for them this year
The Christmas card listed all the things she had bought for them this year. Picture: TikTok/sageandwine

“Instead of just saying she can’t afford a gift, or that she’s given more than enough this last year, she’ll send a card.

“And the card will say, y’know Merry Christmas, received a big blanket $112.40 Xfinity bill paid.

“$584.89 on electric bill! $697.29 + gift. Merry Christmas.” 

The woman added: “Basically she’ll say hey, throughout the year I’ve done things for you guys and y’know she did those things when we lost our jobs due to Covid.

“So that was really amazing but she chooses to send a card, basically reminding, hey you don’t get a gift because I’ve done all these other things. 

“When she literally could just, I don’t know, not give us one or just wish us a Merry Christmas.” 

Many TikTok users commented their shock at the card, with one writing: “That’s not a Christmas card that’s an invoice.” 

Another added: “When you get a job again pay back every single penny and show her that you do not need her money.” 

However, some people defended the mother-in-law, with one writing: "I wouldn't expect a gift if my MIL paid my bills..."


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