Childless woman complains her friends have become 'boring' since having kids

26 July 2018, 08:58 | Updated: 26 July 2018, 14:51

baby with parents

She claims her friendships have suffered because of her friends' ever-expanding families.

A woman without children has claims her friends have become “boring” since becoming mothers - and it's divided opinion. 

Seeking advice on Mumsnet, she asked if she was being “slightly contentious” in thinking her mates had changed now that they all have kids under the age of five. 

Using the name Otterlygreat, she said: “I’m not a complete b**** and I do get it. But just the same, when I see them, it’s largely pointless as it’s just constant interruptions from toddlers.

“We have to sit in soft play or parks or farms with school canteen food and high chairs. Topics of conversation are sleep and potty training.

“Even anything about work is linked to the kids, like the difficulty of going back part-time.” 

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The woman also complained that now her friends have kids, she’s forced to spend most of her time on her own, and events for childless women in their thirties were hard to come by. 

She added: “When I look for things to do, everything aimed at a thirty something woman is aimed at meeting other mums!

“Realistically being a woman in my thirties the world believes I should have a baby.” 

Surprisingly, her comments racked up thousands of replies with many sympathising with her experience. 

One women replied: “I sympathise. I belong to a friendship group of 5 and I was the last to have children. 

“I felt like spare part, that we had nothing in common anymore and I did find them boring.” 

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Another said: “I didn't have kids till v v late and honestly the 10 years before was very disheartening. 

“I remember making excuses "Oh it's only for a couple of years" but then No2 would come along and No3..... 

“And I realised the friendship was going to be on their terms forever, essentially.” 

Other users tried to offer their advice adding: “If childcare is an issue for them, you could always suggest a takeaway and bottle of wine at theirs once the kids are in bed?” 

Another added: “If they’re good friends then ride it out I guess, eventually the children will be older and they’ll be more interesting again.”