Woman finds brutal teacher's message about her 'annoying voice' in old school leaving book

8 April 2021, 14:53 | Updated: 8 April 2021, 15:26

The woman shared the hilarious sarcastic message left in her school leaving book to Twitter.

A woman has shared a hilariously sarcastic note written by one of her old teachers, which she found after discovering her school leaving book.

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Posting a photo of the book to Twitter, the woman assured her followers that he was being sarcastic - as he joked about her 'annoying voice' in his leaving message.

The message reads: "Ashleigh, sometimes I go home and can't sleep because your annoying voice that just doesn't stop keeps ringing in my ears, like the worst torture known to man. That is all. Good luck. Mr Seedat."

The post racked up an impressive 58,000 likes, with many people in stitches at the note.

Ashleigh then followed up the post with a clarification he was joking, writing: "Sarcasm at its finest bcos I barely even spoke in that class.

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"Can I add, Mr Seedat was a funny as f*** sarcastic teacher, I'm almost certain he wrote something just as funny in everyone else's books."

She also hilariously revealed she'd got in contact with the teacher in question, posting a screenshot of him confirming he did indeed write the message.

Ashley reiterated that the teacher wasn't serious, sharing a number of crying laughing emojis alongside the words: "I feel like I need to add this here - he was NOT serious, he was being SARCASTIC bcos I was the quietest one in the class ffs".


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