Woman furious after friend ‘ruins her baby shower’ with pregnancy announcement

4 September 2020, 12:39 | Updated: 4 September 2020, 12:41

A woman has fumed at her friend for announcing her pregnancy
A woman has fumed at her friend for announcing her pregnancy. Picture: Getty Images

A woman has blasted her closest friend after she announced she was pregnant at her baby shower.

A mum-to-be has fumed at her friend after she announced she was pregnant during her baby shower.

Taking to Reddit with her story, the anonymous woman explained she is carrying her first child after falling pregnant using a sperm donor.

Meanwhile, her friend - called Chloe - had also been trying to have a baby with her husband after getting married three years ago, but the couple had struggled.

So when the 28-year-old announced her own pregnancy, she said she had tried to respect her friend, explaining: "I was very careful with Chloe.

A woman has blasted her friend for announcing her pregnancy during a baby shower
A woman has blasted her friend for announcing her pregnancy during a baby shower. Picture: Getty Images

"She was one of the first people I told and told her I had no expectations of her being there for me, as I know it could be hard."

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A friend of the pair then threw a virtual baby shower over video app Zoom, complete with games and treats.

But in the middle of the celebrations, Chloe suddenly got emotional and said she had something to tell everyone.

The Reddit user wrote: "She then announces that part of her gift to me is that my daughter will have a playmate. She then said that she was pregnant. After that, the entire shower became about her.

"People fussing over her, asking questions and being overall excited. I was too and congratulated her but felt like it was inappropriate."

After the baby shower was over, Chloe messaged her friend and asked if everything was okay.

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"I was honest and said I felt her announcement was inappropriate and took the spotlight away from me," she said.

"Chloe said she thought it was cute and I said 'it was but I'm only ever going to have one kid. How would you have felt if I had hijacked your shower?'"

Chloe then accused the mum-to-be of not being happy for her and branded her ‘selfish’.

The anonymous woman finally asked if she was being unreasonable, adding: "I feel bad for Chloe but I got 15 minutes of a shower and the rest was basically dedicated to her."

And it seems like people agreed, with one user replying: “If i organised a shower and someone attempted to hijack it i would shut them right down!”

Another said: “it’s just downright tacky to do that. Surely your friend can just wait to tell people, and not steal the spotlight from you? It’s baffling how no one else on the call said anything about her hijacking the baby shower.”

And a third added: “She could have announced it at any other time, so why pick a time that was supposed to be about you and your baby?”

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