Woman horrified after her sister reveals ‘ridiculous’ baby name she’s given her niece

11 November 2020, 12:38

A woman is horrified by her sister's baby name choice
A woman is horrified by her sister's baby name choice. Picture: Getty Images

A woman was left gobsmacked after her sister revealed the name of her niece.

Choosing a baby name is one of the most important decisions new parents have to make.

But it turns out you can’t please everyone, as one woman has blasted her sister’s unusual choice of moniker.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that her sister had kept the name of their unborn child secret during her pregnancy.

But then she revealed they had chosen to call their newborn ‘Cool’, which didn’t go down too well at all.

A woman is not impressed with her niece's name
A woman is not impressed with her niece's name. Picture: Getty Images

She explained: "When I found out my only sibling was having a baby, I was ecstatic.

"I love to write so I’ve always had a love for names.

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"My sister decided to keep the name a secret which made me so anxious and excited to find out what she would choose.

"Was it something fantasy like? Something simple and in the top 50? Something familial?

"My sister and her husband are both corporate type people so I didn’t think it would be anything crazy.”

After her moniker was revealed, the anonymous woman said she was horrified and thought her sister and her husband were joking.

“What type of Hollywood name is that?!,” she slammed, continuing: "I had guessed so many times and my sister told me I would never guess it. Well she was right!”

She went on to explain that her sister said the couple wanted a ‘cool name’, but couldn't decide on anything.

“So they called the baby ‘cool baby’ and it just stuck to ‘Cool’ and they decided to keep it,” she said.

It’s fair to say the name divided users, as one person asked: "Please tell me they gave the kid a normal middle name so she at least has something to fall back on?"

To which the Reddit user replied: "Her middle name is her fathers name! In his family that’s how they do it.

"His siblings kids all have their dads name as their middle name as well, cultural thing I guess?"

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