Woman horrified as company shames her over 'unprofessional' bikini photos after job interview

7 October 2019, 09:33 | Updated: 7 October 2019, 09:35

Emily was shamed by a company she applied to
Emily was shamed by a company she applied to. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

One woman was left shocked when a company she'd applied to publicly humiliated her by sharing one of her bikini photos online. 

Emily Clow from Austin, Texas, went for an internship at a marketing company called Kickass Masterminds.

But after submitting her application, the company later shamed 24-year-old Emily by uploading an Instagram story of her screen-shotted from her public social media page.

The employers suggested the holiday photo hindered her chances of finding work in the future, as they wrote: “PSA (because I know some of you applicants are looking at this): do not share your social media with a potential employer if this is the kind of content on it. 

“Go on with your bad self and do whatever in private. But this is not doing you any favors in finding a professional job.”

Horrified by the message, Emily took to Twitter saying she felt “objectified”. 

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"I was objectified earlier today by a company because of a picture of me in a bikini,” she wrote. 

"They claimed it made me an 'unprofessional'. They screenshot the photo, posted it on their Instagram story and called me out.

"I am still baffled that the company handled it in such a manner."

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Following the incident, Emily was supported by other social media users who went on to blast the US company. 

One wrote: “I would hope @kickassmasterm is in the process of firing the person who incited harassment and bullying against an internship applicant.”

Another said: “You dodged a bullet with that company. You look super cute in your bathing suit and your professionalism isn’t based on what you wear outside of work. 

“I hope the next place you deal with treats you properly.” 

The founder of Kickass Masterminds Sara Christensen has since denied Emily was rejected based on her social media activity. 

In a statement she said: “The woman in question was not disqualified because of her social media profile. In fact, she was not disqualified at all. 

“There was no communication to her saying she was disqualified.”

She also confirmed the Instagram post had been taken down after Emily asked them to.