Woman slammed by friend for unusual Game of Thrones-inspired baby name

2 October 2020, 13:46

The woman has been criticised for her choice of name (stock images)
The woman has been criticised for her choice of name (stock images). Picture: Getty

A mum-to-be who wanted to name her baby after a character on Game of Thrones was labelled 'ridiculously stupid' by her housemate.

A woman sparked an argument with her pregnant housemate after criticising her choice of Game of Thrones-inspired baby name.

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She revealed that the soon-to-be mum she lives with wanted to name her newborn daughter 'Arya', after the character Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams, and that she had initially been a fan of the idea.

The woman added, however, that her housemate planned to alter the spelling of the name to Aughreighyah - a woman that she labelled 'ridiculously stupid'.

The woman disagreed with her housemate about the baby name (stock image)
The woman disagreed with her housemate about the baby name (stock image). Picture: Getty

She said that it was a "good name with a good meaning" as it can mean both 'friend' and 'noble', but warned that - due to the show's popularity - it "might be a little too common, not that it is a bad thing".

The woman wrote on Reddit: "The next day she said she’s found a way to name her baby 'Arya' and not have it be associated with other Aryas running around or the show.

"How? She said she wanted to spell it as Aughreighyah. I did a double take reading that word too, but apparently people are supposed to read it as Augh-reigh-ya or Arya.

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"She asked me how I felt about it and I told her that, frankly, Aughreighyah looks ridiculously stupid and she should just go with Arya.

"She got kinda upset and said that she and her partner came up with this only because I told them that the name is very common.

Arya Stark is a character on Game of Thrones
Arya Stark is a character on Game of Thrones. Picture: HBO

"I said that having a common name is better than having a confusing name."

Many took the woman's side, with one writing: "They are setting that kid up for a lifetime of hell. Why do people feel the need to do this? Besides, the name is still the same, so they haven't really solved the too common problem, they just made the spelling look like a cat ran over a keyboard."

Another added: "That poor child will have to spell her name for everyone, and correct people mis-pronouncing it."


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