Women disgusted as GRIME falls off Pandora charm bracelets after trying out simple cleaning hack

5 September 2019, 15:47 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 16:49

One woman has shared her hack to cleaning a Pandora bracelet
One woman has shared her hack to cleaning a Pandora bracelet. Picture: Pandora/We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group

A woman was disgusted after she realised how dirty her Pandora charm bracelet was.

One woman has gone viral after sharing photos of dirt falling off her Pandora bracelet while trying out a cleaning hack.

Anne-Marie Norman, from London, was disgusted when she saw the amount of grime which was attached to the jewellery.

Posting in the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group, Anne-Marie shared a video which sees her soaking the filthy pendant in a homemade concoction.

She mixed hot water from the kettle with a squirt of washing up liquid, then left the bracelet in the mixture for five minutes.

Anne-Marie then revealed the shock amount of dirt that emerged from her bangle, writing alongside it: “All that black is off my charms.”

A video was posted in the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group
A video was posted in the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group. Picture: We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group

Clearly inspired by the cleaning hack previously shared online, other members of the group rushed to comment on the post and it racked up more than 240 likes.

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“Mine's well overdue, keep meaning to take it in, I'm amazed at this,” wrote one user, and another said: “Trying this now.”

A third commented: “Always clean my jewellery like this have done for about 20 years. If you got an old toothbrush it's great for rings with gemstones in and brings them up lovely.”

While a fourth asked: 'Hopefully this works for rings! Mine has went all tarnished it looks awful.”

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Some users gave their own methods of cleaning including a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

And those who also own Pandora jewellery were extremely happy as the company now charges a £5 cleaning fee.

Pandora also detail a similar method of cleaning their jewellery on their website, suggesting customers soak pieces in lukewarm water with a small amount of soap.

They also recommend using a small, soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any leftover dirt.

However, this technique shouldn’t be used to clean jewellery that includes cultured freshwater pearls.

Their website adds: “A silver-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your sterling silver jewelry shine again if the pieces have become dull. However, it will not remove scratches.”