The worst Christmas presents to receive on December 25 revealed - including scented candles and chocolates

29 December 2020, 08:41

The worst presents to receive on Christmas have been revealed
The worst presents to receive on Christmas have been revealed. Picture: Getty Images

A photo frame, chocolates and beauty sets have topped the list of the least popular Christmas gifts...

After a tough year, we’re all more grateful than ever for any presents we were given over the festive period.

But while it’s definitely the thought that counts, now a new survey has revealed the most unpopular gifts you could give someone for Christmas - with a photo frame topping the list.

Carried out by Vistaprint, the study found that 72% of people want a present that is ‘heartfelt and unique’ such as photobooks or clothing.

With this in mind, a plain photo frame was voted the least well-received, with 34% of people saying they would return it.

Not everyone is impressed with chocolates for Christmas
Not everyone is impressed with chocolates for Christmas. Picture: Getty Images

A ‘generic’ gift set of body care products also made the list, with 33% of those who took part saying they wouldn’t be happy with it.

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Surprisingly, the third most disappointing gift was scented candles, with 32% admitting they would be unhappy with it, followed by beauty sets (30%).

While most of us love tucking into a Christmas chocolate (or ten), apparently a box of chocolates was found to be the fifth most unpopular (29%).

Elsewhere in the survey, Vistaprint also found that 60% of those asked said they had regifted uninteresting gifts in the past.

This comes after a survey by Christmas gift specialists Watches2U uncovered the worst Christmas sins we’re all guilty of.

They surveyed 2,000 participants and found that a huge 46% of us eat chocolates from our advent calendars on the wrong day, while 1 in five of us have eaten our entire advent calendars in just one sitting.

The study also found that two third of Brits are guilty of putting wrappers back in the chocolate box once they’re done, while 90% have eaten and After Eight before 8PM.

The most shocking of the results found that a quarter of us re-gift used items to family and friends over the Christmas period which we attempt to pay off as new.

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