‘Tis the season to be dating

Christmas is a brilliant time for dating, full of magic, sparkle and romance, and there’s plenty to do.

What can you tell about your date from the choice of date they make?

Outdoor ice skating:
The notion of gliding round effortlessly beneath the Christmas lights has an almost dreamlike quality so if someone takes you ice skating you’ll know that they’re a very romantic person. You may both come back to earth (literally) with a bump when you actually get out on the ice, but that just means plenty of opportunity for hand holding.

Bright colours, songs, shouting and joining in make up the fun of a pantomime and probably a part of your date’s personality. Though pantos are often seen as a big cheesy, they are brilliant for getting into the spirit of Christmas. Great for a first date too, as you’ll be able to have a good laugh and break the ice.

The person who takes you sledging will be active, outdoorsy and probably a bit tough. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, and a lot of snuggling up on a sledge together, plus the anticipation of a warming beverage après sleigh. Delightful.

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