Pulling Your Weight Around The Home WILL Lead To A Better Love Life

Couples doing the housework together

Wondering how to spice up life in between the sheets? Well as unsexy as it sounds, the answer may just lie in lending a hand around the house!

Get up off of that couch and put on an apron buddy!

Nope, we're not just being super bossy (for once). Believe it or not, we're actually trying to help improve the romantic side of things in your life. 

A new study has found that couples that each do their fair share of the housework reap the benefits in the bedroom. 

The research, conducted by Dr Matt Johnson of the University of Alberta observed 1,338 German couples for five years before coming to the conclusion that if the man helps out with the sorting and the sweeping, it will pay dividends. 

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The study in the Journal of Marriage and Family claims that couples who share the housework equally are enjoy getting more nookie too...we're guessing because one of them isn't exhausted all the time!

So what are you waiting for? Pop those yellow gloves on guys...it can only lead to good things ;)