Children Treated After Indoor BBQ

5 January 2013, 09:56 | Updated: 5 January 2013, 10:10

Four children have been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after their grandmother brought a barbecue indoors to dry her washing.

The woman, from east Ham, then left the house on Wednesday afternoon, leaving her daughters-in-law and grandchildren inside.

A 3 year old collapsed and one of the women began to feel unwell.

All 6 have now been discharged from hospital.

London Fire Brigade has branded the grandmother's behaviour dangerous and campaigners warned of the hazards of bringing barbecues indoors.

Dave Brown, of London Fire Brigade, said:

"In my 28-year career I have never heard of anybody using a barbecue to dry clothes let alone using one indoors.

"Never, ever bring a lit or smouldering barbecue indoors. Not only is it a serious fire risk but it also omits carbon monoxide (CO) which is a poisonous gas that can kill or seriously injure."

Christine McGourty, of the Carbon Monoxide - Be Alarmed! campaign, said:

"Using a barbecue indoors is always dangerous, but carbon monoxide poisoning is usually caused by faulty or poorly maintained fuel appliances, such as boilers, ovens and fires. We'd urge everyone to get an alarm and make sure their family is safe."