Cyclist Assault

25 August 2015, 21:50

A man's handed himself into police after CCTV footage showed the moment a woman cyclist was pushed off her bike in Whitechapel into moving traffic.

The cyclist, a woman in her early 40s, turned onto Sydney Street from Whitechapel Road on Friday 1 May 2015, she asked a man not to cross the road until she had cycled past.

This man then chased her down the street, shouting obscenities, before pushing her off her bike.

The video, shot from the cyclist's helmet camera and released on Tuesday 25 August, shows the the man shouting and swearing at the woman, in her early 40s, after she asked him to wait for her to pass before crossing a road.

The man, dressed in dark clothing and believed to be in his 40s, is then shown pursuing the cyclist as she rides along the street. He catches up with her as she nears a junction, and pushes her with force into the traffic.

The woman can be heard screaming in shock as she falls to the ground.

Police said the cyclist was "very upset" following the attack "but did not require medical treatment", and managed to move herself and her bike out of the way of moving traffic.

Man comes forward

The Met Police later said that a 33-year-old man attended Bethnal Green police station at around 1.30pm on Tuesday 25 August 2015 and identified himself as the man shown in the video.

He was not arrested. Police said he would be interviewed by officers from Tower Hamlets in due course.