Danny Boyle Backs Sculpture Campaign

5 November 2012, 18:32 | Updated: 5 November 2012, 19:32

Danny Boyle has joined a campaign to stop Tower Hamlets Council selling a sculpture worth millions of pounds to raise some much needed cash.

The Draped Seated Woman, was created by the socialist artist in 1957.

It was sold at a fraction of its market value, on the understanding it would be displayed publicly and might enrich the lives of those living in a socially deprived area.

It had previously been on display at a housing estate in Stepney Green.

But last month Tower Hamlets said it was selling the piece, which is between £5 million and £20 milion, to cope with budget cuts. 

Director Danny Boyle, who was in charge of the Olympics opening ceremony, wants the sculpture to be put in the Olympic Park  next to the Bradley Wiggins Bell.