'Home Alone Toddler' Arrest

7 February 2015, 12:22 | Updated: 7 February 2015, 12:27

A woman's been questioned on suspicion of neglect after a two year old girl was found walking along a road on her own.

Police say the girl had managed to open the front door of their house in Slough, Berkshire, while home alone.

The toddler was found in Stoke Poges Lane, just after 9am on Thursday 5 February 2015.

Thames Valley Police said they were keen to speak to a woman who assisted the girl to safety, as part of their investigation.

The woman, who is thought to live locally, was among other members of the public who came to the toddler's aid, but left before police officers arrived.

Det Sgt Matt Gow, from the Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: "We would like to thank everyone who helped the little girl off the road safely, during what would have been busy rush hour.

"The toddler was home alone when she opened the front door and wandered onto the street.

"The incident is now under investigation."

Police said Detective Gow could be contacted via the 24-hour Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101.