London City Airport Called "Inspirational"

21 November 2010, 12:04 | Updated: 21 November 2010, 12:21

The approach to London's City airport's been named as one of the most inspirational in the world.

It provides "a highly scenic approach over world-famous London landmarks", said jet booking company which drew up the list.

The other UK entry in the top 10 was Barra airport in Outer Hebrides where planes land on the beach and flight times vary according to the tide.

London City was described as providing "amazing views" of the 02 arena in Greenwich, with the runway described by pilots as "an aircraft carrier" for being relatively short and surrounded by water.

At Barra, "visitors and cockle-pickers share the use of the beach"

These were the top 10 airports with the most inspirational approaches:

1. SION, SWITZERLAND - Nestled in the heart of the Alps, the approach takes you down the Rhone valley;

2. PRINCESS JULIANA AIRPORT, ST MAARTEN, CARIBBEAN - Exceptionally close to the beach, with aircraft skimming over the heads of holidaymakers;

3. ST BARTS, CARIBBEAN - Thrilling approach with very tight angles, hills, unusual wind conditions and a short runway;

4. GIBRALTAR - The runway is actually intersected by a main road which has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs;

5. ST GALLEN-ALTENRHEIN, SWITZERLAND - Idyllic setting between Lake Constance and the alpine foot hills of the Appenzell region;

6. FUNCHAL, MADEIRA - Bordered by water on one side and hills on the other;

7. LONDON CITY - The steep approach makes for a fairground ride-like buzz;

8. LUKLA, NEPAL - A 10-minute approach down a steep-sided valley followed by a sharp left-hand turn and an uphill landing;

9. McCARRAN AIRPORT, LAS VEGAS, USA - - The approach offers the contrast of desert with a sudden metropolis, unrivalled for sheer size and glamour;

10, BARRA, OUTER HEBRIDES, UK - On a gloomy day cars may have their lights on to provide pilots with added visibility, since the airport has no artificial lighting.