London's Road Safety Budget

2 November 2012, 11:58 | Updated: 2 November 2012, 12:02

Boris Johnson's been accused of 'decimating' London's road safety budget.

It is after it emerged funding for road safety measures is less than half of what it was four years ago.

Figures obtained by the Green Party suggest in 2008, 59 million pounds was spent, compared to 23 million this year.

The number of pedestrians and cyclists injured on the roads has risen each year since 2008.

Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the London Assembly said: "The Mayor has decimated the road safety budget since he was elected in 2008 and pedestrian casualties have risen since he was elected. Preventing deaths and injuries on our roads should be a major priority for the Mayor and cutting the budget is just irresponsible when you measure the impact on society and on the NHS budget."