Mayor Backs Tougher Dangerous Dog Sentences

15 May 2012, 11:54 | Updated: 15 May 2012, 12:01

Boris Johnson says new guidelines for judges mean we're a step closer to tackling the problem of dog attacks.

The guidance out today says owners of dangerous dogs could face up to 18 months in prison if the animals attack people.

The Sentencing Council says a tougher approach will see more offenders jailed and fewer escaping charges.

The Mayor has told London's Heart he's happy about the tougher sentences, but thinks more could still be done:

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said:

"These welcome changes mean we're one step closer to tackling the serious menace of weapon dogs, but we'll continue lobbying for the wider legislation to ensure the owners who groom vile weapon dogs receive the same harsh punishment as people who carry knives".