Obesity Figures For London

14 April 2011, 15:25 | Updated: 14 April 2011, 15:28

New figures show one in five young people in London are now obese, more than in any other English region.

A report from the London Assembly says childhood obesity is costing the capital £7.1 million a year to treat.

The bill could reach almost £111 million if they remain obese into adulthood the Assembly has warned.

The results vary from borough to borough though, from 12% in Richmond to 28% in Westminster.

Meanwhile it has also been found that obesity in adults in London is costing the capital £883.6 million each year.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is being urged to take action. Boris Johnson has previously said tackling childhood obesity is his number one health priority.

He's already introduced schemes to get Londoners walking, cycling and growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

London Assembly's Health and Public Services Committee wants the Mayor to use policy levels and funding under his control to address the issue, as well as negotiating with major companies.

The report wants a strategy to be in place by 2013.