Olympic Food Prices Revealed

Sports fans will pay £2.10 for a toasted teacake, £2.30 for a bottle of Coca-Cola and £4.20 for a  bottle of Heineken at the London 2012 Games.

The price of cod and chips will start from £8 while anyone who wants a tipple will have to pay £4.80 fora small glass of wine.

Spectators who fancy a curry will find a lamb rogan josh served with pilaf or saffron rice available for £8.50.

London 2012 organisers, who are gearing up to serve 14 million meals across 40 locations during the Games, revealed a sample menu of what spectators can expect to eat.

Spectators will be able to pick from more than 800 food concessions featuring more than 150 dishes.

A family of four should be able to buy food and drinks for under £40, according to London 2012.

There are also 23,900 athletes and team officials to feed. 

They are set to eat 1.2 million meals, made up of 1,300 different types of dishes.

The athletes' dining hall is being built to cater for 5,000 and is split into four zones featuring British, European, Mediterranean, African and Caribbean dishes plus special diets such as halal, kosher, low salt and allergens.

On the busiest day of the Games, more than 65,000 meals will be served to athletes.