Protest Outside London Mosque

4 April 2015, 11:30 | Updated: 4 April 2015, 11:32

The Met Police were called to a protest outside the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre.

Around 100 members of Britain First and the English Defence League shouted and chanted outside as hundreds of men, women and children moved inside for prayers Friday afternoon.

Some protesters chanted anti-Islamic messages, while others waved banners and placards.

Around 100 police kept them away from the front of the mosque.

The protesters, who said they were antagonised by some of the worshippers, had to be restrained by officers.

Members of the EDL sang "It's our country, we're taking it back" to the tune of the Beach Boys' Sloop John B as prayers were being held, while others simply shouted "Scum".

Radical cleric Anjem Choudary was among those attending worship and speaking outside after prayers, Mr Choudary told Muslims not to vote at the forthcoming election.

He also handed out leaflets entitled "why it is strictly forbidden to vote in Islam".

However, he was accused by some worshippers of encouraging anti-Islamic protests