Students To Protest In London

19 November 2014, 11:15 | Updated: 19 November 2014, 11:21

Thousands of students from across the country are expected to take part in a march through central London today (Wednesday 19 November) to protest against tuition fees.

It is being described as the largest protest of its kind since the decision was taken four years ago to treble fees to a maximum of £9,000

The march will begin at noon, making its way through the streets of the capital to Westminster, where a rally by trade unionists, campaigners and activists is due to take place in the afternoon.

The action has been organised by the Student Assembly Against Austerity, the National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts and the Young Greens.

Organiser Aaron Kiely said: "A modern economy capable of competing in a globalised world can only function with a highly educated workforce. If the British Government increased tax on the wealthiest in society, scrapped Trident or reduced military spending, billions of pounds would be made available to fund free education and other vital public services.

"Wednesday's national demonstration marks the start of a major wave of action between now and the general election which seeks to turn up the heat on politicians and political parties to listen to the demands of the student movement."

The action is not being supported by the National Union of Students, which has previously said it has concerns that the demonstration poses "an unacceptable level of risk" to members.