Tube Staff Agree Extra Olympic Pay Deal

29 May 2012, 10:03 | Updated: 29 May 2012, 18:48

The threat of a strike on the London Underground during the Olympics and Paralympics has been averted after the RMT Union struck a deal.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union says the deal, worth up to 850 pounds, is in recognition of the "massive additional pressures" staff will face this summer.

The RMT was the last union representing Tube workers to agree a summer bonus - after previous deals had been agreed with Unite and Aslef.
"After months of hard work by our negotiators we have been able to come to an agreement that both protects the contractual rights and existing agreements of our members and rewards them in recognition of what we all know will be the biggest transport challenge ever faced by this city" said RMT General Secretary Bob Crow.

But after days of delays and signal failures Mr Crow vowed to carry on the fight for its workers going forward. "We have seen from the repeated breakdowns over the past two weeks the impact of cuts to staffing and maintenance and it is our members who are out there fighting to hold the service together and they deserve both every penny they get and the right not to be bullied into accepting unfair and unsafe working practices."

This morning the RMT also confirmed call centre and maintenance staff who work for London Underground are being balloted for strikes over two seperate rows about jobs, pay and conditions.