9 weeks on

Hi again, I've resurfaced! So much has been happening but I seem to end each day knackered so haven't had the time to update you.

There's been a lot of growing up being done in my household, namely by me.  Louis is now 9 weeks old and doing just great, he's a real cutie and has bucket loads of character already.

The last couple of months have been huge, though, and if you've had a baby you'll know only too well that mixture of utter joy and then despair.  It's only been in the last couple of weeks that I've felt I'm getting the hang of things.  It now feels normal to be pushing a pram everywhere I go, to be dividing my day in to 4 hour segments, and to feel like a little piece of me is missing when I'm not next to him.

My home has changed somewhat.  I started off trying to hide the bottle sterilizing equipment behind the microwave in the corner of the kitchen, blissfully ignorant of the frequency with which it would be used.  It now occupies two thirds of the kitchen work surface and resembles a small manufacturing plant.  I also have a collection of baby entertainment contraptions that rattle, vibrate, and play repetitive tunes that I find myself humming in the shower.

Louis is a good sleeper but his next feed is never far from his thoughts, and as a result I've been getting up twice a night since he was born.  He is finally showing signs of going longer in the night which will be handy for when I go back to the Breakfast Show after Easter.  I'm doing a one off show with Jamie this Friday for our Have A Heart charity auction day.  It will be fun to see the team again but no doubt I'll be missing the little fella too x