Friday 1st April

Hello, just a short blog this afternoon, as I'm still packing for my trip to Rio! 

Today Harriet was off, so I drafted in the 'nearly-ready-to-drop' Emma Bunton to help me out. 

Emma played her first ever round of Hearticulate and helped Andrea from Bromley win a pair of tickets to see Janet Jackson live at the Royal Albert Hall! 

All next week on Hearticulate, if you get 6 or above you'll win a private Gondola ticket for up to 6 people to Heart's Hyde Park Celebration Wheel! We'll still play at the normal time, just after 7am! 

Emma also helped out with Freebie Friday. Lucky John Pearson won a load of goodies from the Heart Breakfast conveyor belt, including an iPad! 

I'm now off to Rio! Don't miss Monday's show where I'll be samba dancing!

Over the weekend make sure you check out the facebook page, to find out more of what I'm getting up to! 

Emma also asked me to remind you about her special Mother's Day show on Sunday from midday! Where her special Spice Friends, Victoria Beckham and Mel C will be joining her for a chat! 

And to top it all off H is covering Emma's Saturday Show tomorrow! (4pm - 7pm!)

Have a good weekend!