Friday 20th May

Jamie brought a new toy into the Heart Breakfast studio today – a superinjunction keyring! We don’t want to get into trouble so every time Jamie or Harriet say something a bit naughty it buzzes the offending words out. Brilliant! Have a listen to how it works below.

“Bellbottoms” wasn't a bad word for Susan in Long Ditton this morning. It won her a Heart Breakfast mug on Absurd Words! Monday’s word could be “carrot” or “blancmange” or something equally absurd. If none of this makes any sense at all, have a listen on Monday at 6.15!

Phil did really well on Hearticulate today. He’s taking his wife, Eileen to see George Michael’s Symphonica Orchestral Tour. They’re both massive fans. Next week, we could be sending you off to see Olly Murs at the Hammersmith Apollo if you score 6 or more.

Daniel from Wickford picked up a stack of prizes on Freebie Friday including a King’s Speech watch and a pair of oversized glasses! Who knows what we’ll get sent next week but whatever arrives will go straight in the cupboard for you to win!

This morning, we put a smile on Vicky from Potters Bar’s face by sending her on a spa break. She raised £500 for charity by getting 46 children to bounce up and down on space hoppers! Nice work Vicky and thoroughly deserved. We’ll be opening up the Feelgood Fund again next Friday.

Next week we could be sending you to South Africa… ZSL London Zoo has a cute penguin chick that needs a name and if you come up with the winning suggestion you'll be off on holiday! We’ll also have chances for you to get up close to the penguins at ZSL London Zoo. Listen next week and have a look at our baby penguin here.

And Jamie and Harriet’s bulge battle continues. The amount of weight Harriet puts on during her pregnancy, Jamie has to lose. We’ll have the scales out on Monday to find out how they’re both getting on.

Have a great weekend.

Jamie From Heart Breakfast Tries Out A New Superinjunction Keyring - 20th May 2011