Friday 23rd September

Today, Jamie and the Heart Breakfast team said a fond farewell to Harriet. She’s off to have baby number 2! We’re all really excited for her and can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

We received loads of good luck messages from our friends including Mel C, Elmo, Sarah-Jessica Parker and James Corden. Thanks for all your messages too x

We’ve created a special Harriet page here so check out some of her best moments and hear our special tribute!

It was Hertford’s turn on Battle Of The Boroughs today. Angela got off to a strong start but was stumped on three questions giving her a total time of 76.12 seconds. That puts Hertford into ninth place. If you’d like to represent your town give us a call on Monday for the chance to win £1000.

This week 10-year-old Megan from Sevenoaks beat the grown-ups on The Geeration Gap! She’s won all sorts of prizes including a month of pancakes, a trip to the cinema and an extended playtime for her whole school!

Next week, Tom and Charlie will be here waking up London from 6. Have a great weekend.

James Morrison's Special Birthday Song For Harriet - 23rd September 2011