Friday 25th March

We're really looking forward to tonight's Euromillions draw. In fact, we've already decided how we'll spend the money...

You helped us pick our lottery numbers by telling us what numbers were lucky for you and why.

Adam told us the amazing story of how the number four saved his life!

Help Jamie choose his EuroMillions numbers by jamieandharriet

Wayne Isaac the psychic confidently predicted the number 8 would be drawn. We'll find out tonight if he's right!

The aptly named Jane Spring from Hammersmith did really well on Hearticulate. She played with Jamie and scored 10 which bagged her tickets to see Duran Duran. You could win Janet Jackson tickets next week if you can tell us what on earth we're talking about!

On Monday...

  • We'll be dividing up our millions!
  • Jamie's attempting to get into shape.

Have a great weekend. Hope it stays sunny!