Friday 26th August

How would you deal with a swarm of bees on a plane? Cabin crew onboard a Russian Boeing 757 had the Samuel L Jackson style dilemma when bees that a passenger had smuggled into his hand luggage escaped in mid air. It’s not a problem that has to be dealt with every day but Tom and Charlie may have a solution! Click below…

A new survey reveals 1 in 3 kids are so embarrassed by their parents they refuse to be seen with them in public! Tom’s daughter won’t stand with him in the bus queue – not surprising when he’s wearing chinos and a salmon pink shirt! Charlie’s mum was on How To look Good Naked though so Charlie’s got every right to be embarrassed!

Poor Tulisa wasn’t feeling too well today so gave us a call to tell us she couldn’t make it. She promised she’d pop in for a chat next week – get well soon Tulisa!

Next week we’ll have more chances to win with Heart Breakfast’s Staycation. If you fancy checking out some of London’s top attractions then make sure you’re listening.

And if you score 6 or more on Hearticulate we’ll give you tickets to Viva La Diva celebrating some of the greatest female singers of all time. Go girls!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Let’s hope the weather brightens up. Jamie and Harriet will be back on Tuesday from 6.

Bees On A Plane - 26th August 2011