Friday 5th August

It seems our obsession with celebrities has led to a shortage of hair for hair extensions in the last year (how will they cope in Essex?). Jamie thought he might have a useful suggestion. Not sure it’s a good one though… Maybe the weather’s been getting to him. Have a listen below (it’s quite random!)

Tomorrow night at 7pm will be the happiest time of the year! The sixth day at 7pm in the eight month - or 7pm on August 6 - is the day people feel most content because of the high temperatures, school holidays and prospect of a summer break according to psychologists. We’ll be celebrating 6/7/8 in the garden with a large glass of wine!

What’s the last letter of the alphabet? That’s not always an easy question to answer first thing in the morning! It stumped Gemana from Stoke Newington on Wakey Wakey. She didn’t get a Heart Breakfast alarm clock but still won a Heart Breakfast mug. There’ll be another chance to win on Monday.

Natalie’s a happy lady. She’ll be meeting and greeting Olly Murs next Friday at Kempton Live. If you can score 6 or more on Hearticulate next week you could be a winner!

Vas from Kingston grabbed a whole load of prizes from our prize cupboard in Freebie Friday including a signed Elmo poster and Cinderella on DVD. The prize cupboard is opened every Friday so you could be a winner next week.

If you’re looking for places to take the kids or fancy a day out in London we’ll be giving you the chance to win a staycation on us. Make sure you’re listening next week.

Have a great weekend x

Jamie And Harriet's Random Conversation About Hair Extensions - 5th August 2011