Cake is the only solution!

I went to the Baby Show at Earls Court last weekend curious to find out just how much kit surrounds a new born. Quite a lot it turns out.

One of my friends has offered to lend me a Moses basket and said I just needed to get the basics like a couple of baby grows for the first few days.  She neglected to mention the swaddle blankets,  thermometers (ear and nose), scratch mitts, changing matts, Gro Bags and sterilizers.  Then there's the stuff that apparently I will need that I don't even want to think about right now.  Breast pumps and creams for god only knows where.  I found the nearest cake shop and had a sit down.

I'm now 28 weeks pregnant and my bump is getting bigger every day. A fact confirmed by our news reader Trabs as we left the studio together on Friday when he comfortingly put his hand on my shoulder and with a look of concern said, "H, you look really pregnant now." I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to do about it.  I'm doing my best to dress in bump friendly clothes but I've grown out of all the t shirts I naively thought would see me through.

I hot footed it off to Mothercare with the aim of getting myself some new clothes and starting the process of choosing which pram would suit best.  This seems to be a selection process involving chassis weight, suspension and decisions on upholstery.  Realising this was a decision that required The Husband, I amused myself instead by loitering around the baby clothes.  I've never really engaged with the whole baby thing whenever I've bought presents for friend's babies.  Sure, those baby  grows are cute, but they had never reduced me to a blubbering mess.  Until now.  Perhaps it's the realisation that I'm actually going to have something that needs to wear these tiny little clothes or maybe just blind panic that I'm in such alien territory that makes me weep.  Either way I made a sharp exit form the shop before I was evicted for being a deranged nutter and went in search of a piece of cake.  I'm finding that this is often the solution to my problems.

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