The countdown has begun

Just 7 weeks to go until my baby is born so I figured it was time to get a cot for the little one!

The due date is January 20th and people always tell me first babies are late so I'm hoping the little fella doesn't gatecrash my own birthday on the 23rd.  In a way it wouldn't be a bad thing as year after year I can make unacceptably large chocolate cakes and pretend it's all for the kiddies when in fact we all know who'll be sitting in the kitchen late at night eating the left overs.

I've had a relatively easy pregnancy but in the last couple of weeks the bump seems to have doubled in size so I have started walking a bit funny and making comedy noises when getting up off the sofa. It's been an interesting experience trying to carry on talking on the Breakfast Show whilst I'm getting kicked in the ribs too.  Jamie really should stop that.

I suppose the biggest realisation that time's ticking away is that I've finished my antenatal classes.  I am now equipped to recognise the first signs of labour and not panic.  Yeah right.  I have learned 3 different types of breathing to get me through the various stages of labour which is all very well but I think what's really going to get me through is a large helping of whatever drugs are on offer in the hospital and my encyclopedic knowledge of swear words.

Getting bigger and going to antenatal classes have had the desired effect of making me realise that this baby is very real and is very nearly ready to join us.  I figured it was time to get a cot after a new antenatal friend warned it can take a couple of months for one to be delivered.  Panicked, I went online to Mothercare to find one that would arrive quicker as me and the baby, we just don't have that kind of time.  Turns out there's a lot to choose from and the deciding factor was the one that came with a nice man who will assemble it for me.  I don't think he stays to look after the baby when it comes but I'm looking in to that one.