Harriet's Blog: Happy Mother's Day!

Just sitting here with a glass of wine after enjoying my 3rd Mother's Day. I bet that, like me, you're so busy being a mum that you never take a step back and realise just what you're achieving each day.

The very fact that you put a roof over their heads, feed and clothe them deserves credit. Not to mention all the love you give them. 

And if they can be happy for 95% of the time then great. They'll never remember the 5% when they were grouchy and let's be honest, they were probably a pain in the neck and deserved a telling off!

So here I am thinking things are going pretty swimmingly when some busy body researchers publish a survey telling us all the skills that us modern mums are lacking. It seems 9 out of 10 younger mums (and yes, I do still put myself in that bracket!), don't know how to starch a shirt. 

I didn't realise anyone living outside of Downton Abbey even did this? Other skills that we are losing include flower arranging, darning socks, making curtains and baking a pie.

I reckon I could have a good old go at most of those and i am a big believer in trying to cook when you can, but you've got to ask yourself whether darning a sock or sorting your hydrangeas from your hyacinths is a better way to spend your time than playing with your kids. Surely these skills are dying out because, thank god, we've found that we can pay Mr's Marks and Spencer to do it for us?!

Happy Mother's Day to you. I bet you're doing just fine.