Harriet's Blog: Fashion Week Envy

I'm lusting after a bit of Matthew Williamson shimmering evening wear and wondering if my budget can stretch to a Burberry Prorsum coat. It can't.

I do love looking at all the photos from the various fashion weeks that have been going on over the last month but you won't find my name  
on a waiting list for the next 'must have' wardrobe staple.

The reasons for this are both numerous and obvious, but it basically boils down to my 2 very small kids; one of whom is likely to be sick on my shoulder, and the other tends to poke me with his messy little hands.

I like to try and keep up with trends so I don't end up looking like a museum piece, but my days of endlessly pouring over fashion magazines and through the rails in Selfridges have sadly taken a hiatus.

Nowadays, if it can't be nuked in the washing machine, it can't be worn around the home. My fashion choices tend to revolve around jeans  
and tops that can hide a little 'wear and tear', shall we say. 

I learned the hard way that delicate fabrics, heels and long necklaces do not sit well with kids. It's not all bad news though, I can start saving for when I can realistically treat myself to a designer coat. I'm thinking A/W 2022.