Louis starts Nursery

It's a date that's been looming on the calendar for many weeks and so as Monday arrived I was understandably anxious.

I say 'I' and not 'Louis' as I'm not sure that much had sunk in in the way of preparation chat. 

He's just turned 2 and I know he understands most things but doesn't always give you the chat back that you might expect. 

Talking to him about starting nursery was pretty much like when I tried to tell him there was another baby on the way.  He'd look at you all earnestly like you were really getting through to him and then laugh, roll over and ask for a snack. I guess it's the answer to most of life's problems.

Doing the Breakfast Show has actually been great for still seeing my kids during the day but I always knew I wouldn't be able to take Louis to school when the time came.

The possibly daunting task of dropping Louis off for his first day at nursery fell to my husband, David.

I offered to take the day off work but David assured me he had it covered.  It sounds like he did it brilliantly. 

He hovered around until he was sure Louis didn't need him (an almost hurtful lack of time!) and then went over to tell him he was going to work. "Bye bye daddy", was the only response. 

I swear I was expecting a bit more of a scene, especially as it really is all about daddy at the moment, but he was amazing.

I couldn't resist going to pick him up slightly early (you know, just in case he needed me).  He didn't.  He just proudly showed me the paintings he'd made and his new top he'd acquired.  A girl's top from their emergency supplies as stupid mummy had forgotten to pack a change of clothes for him in the event of him getting very messy. 

He couldn't have been happier and I was just glad his dad wasn't picking him up as I'm not sure he would have approved of that frilly top.