Monday 15th August

We’ve known for a while that Joanne Travel’s been seeing mysterious lights in the sky in her home town of Buntingford. What could they possibly be? Click below to find out!

Designers have created a “Mummy Tummy” vest that mimics the effects of being 9 months pregnant. It copies the sensation of a child kicking and lets the man calm the “baby” down by soothing his belly. Jamie doesn’t need the vest. He looks 9 months pregnant already (too much pizza Jamie!)

Mick from Acton was this morning’s Wakey Wakey contestant. He was awake but not quite awake enough to get all 5 questions right though! We gave him a Heart Breakfast mug but remember you need all 5 to get the Heart Breakfast alarm clock!

Annie from Abbey Wood will be taking her kids to jolly Day Out – the festival for all the family. She scored 6 on Hearticulate.

And Heart Breakfast’s Staycation continues. We have tickets to some of London’s top attractions to be won. Mandy from Oakwood won tickets to see Legally Blonde and Batman Live and Mandy from Luton will be going to the Doctor who Experience at Olympia. We have over £10,000 worth of prizes to be won so don’t miss your next chance to win!

See you tomorrow!

Joanne Travel Makes The News! - 15th August 2011