Monday 19th December

What an eventful Heart Breakfast we had today. We gave away an Xbox, launched the Heart Breakfast Christmas Panto and, oh yeah, Harriet’s back! We’re pleased to have her back because it means we’ll get Christmas presents from her this year (she’s already told us to act pleased when we unwrap them!).

The star-studded Heart Breakfast Christmas Panto opened to great fanfare. It’s the story of Aladdin – sort of. If you missed the incredible acting don’t worry – there wasn’t any. You can hear episode 1 below.

Tomorrow, we’ll be sending Nicola Bonn out into London to surprise another family with an Xbox Xmas. If you’d like her to deliver an early Christmas present to you, register here.

Later this week, Gordon Ramsey will be dropping in to cook up a festive breakfast. We’ll also be counting down London’s favourite Christmas songs.

See you tomorrow x

Heart Breakfast Christmas Panto Episode 1