Monday 19th September

What do you doodle? Flowers? Shapes? Cars? Apparently what you doodle says a lot about you. Tom’s doodles get a deep psychological analysis from Harriet! Click below to have a listen.

Full marks to David Beckham for being such a cool chap! He was sent to a department store by US comedian Ellen Degeneres and given instructions through a secret device in his hat. Among the tasks he had to perform were spraying cologne on his leg and singing to try and get customers to buy his new fragrance! Check out the video here.

10 year old Megan from Sevenoaks was victorious this morning on The Generation Gap. She saw off competition from her 19 year old sister Hannah to become today’s smarty pants! Tomorrow she takes on her dad, Mark.

Battle Of The Boroughs is our quest to find out London’s brainiest borough. Currently, Ickenham sits at the top of the leaderboard. We’ll have another round tomorrow and if you’d like to represent your manor (and maybe win £1000) give us a call tomorrow.

We’ll see you in the morning when Jamie’s back and we could be sending you on an amazing cruise.

What Do Your Doodles Say About You? - 19th September 2011